The Kiosque

Out of sight, and under an archway of trees, the Kiosque proposes a night, far from the maddening crowd, lulled by the stream which flows at your feet.

By hopping from one stone to another, you will be able to relax in front of the fireplace on a small private beach.

A timeless moment in the middle of nature.

The Dome

Cross a pretty pontoon., open the door…discover our first nest. A Dome built on piles surrounded by reeds.

The terrace allows you to enjoy the day’s last rays of warmth and see the ducks return their dormitory, on the water a few yards away.
This is an ideal place to enjoy a night under the stars, snug warmly in a marvellous bed.

For the colder days, no worry, as a small open hearth-like heater and a warm blanket will chase the icy temperatures of the Marshes away.
It is time to let oneself be lulled by the gentle lapping of the water and the serene noise this lovely nature has to offer.

The Sphère


Discover the soothing and unique atmosphere of the sphere and its secret garden.

Take advantage of its relaxing space to eat in the shadow of the branches or read a book,

Relax on the beach in front of a small fire, or observe the multitude of marsh birds.

Discover its large room which guarantees you an unusual and serene moment under the stars.

The sphere is the only accommodation that offers a “nature” shower. A little taste of the unusual? try the shower differently, fully aligned and in fusion with the surrounding nature.

The Bubble

Cross the little bridge and be seduced by its external appearance, before discovering it, nestled amongst the reeds.

Embark into the Bulle for a unique encounter with the surrounding sky and nature, snug warmly in a marvellous bed.

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the breakfast table, and the beautiful surroundings which welcome you.

See you soon.

Closed from 01/10 to 31/03