Who are we?


We are Foulques and Héloïse.

Héloïse grew up in the neighbourhood, loves to welcome her visitors and will do everything she can to make your visit a success, beyond your dreams.

Foulques grew up in Brussels and is a film maker, with tons of imagination and who enjoys telling tales.
But first and last, we are the proud parents of 3 marvellous children.

2018: direction Nature!

After living for many years in Brussels, and wishing to welcome visitors, and also with the idea to relax and live at natures rhythm, we decided in 2018 to move to Ciney and in particular to the Moulin de Biron ( the Mill of Biron).

The time to restore

Once we had moved in, we quickly felt that the building needed to find its soul again. We therefor started to restore the wheel. Two years later, this old lady rediscovered her youth. With the sole force of the stream’s water, these 4.5 tons of steel started to turn, and to provide us with electricity. What a sight!

The arrival of the Nests

We started the first stage of our project in 2019. We installed our first nest, which is actually a “BULLE” or Bubble. And then, a few months later, a second nest arrived, the Dome.

Since then we are extremely lucky to be able to greet you here. This little paradise, as many of our visitors regularly describe it, is characterised by its biological aspects. Surrounded by the reeds, the marsh is inhabited by large numbers of birds, batrachians (i.e. frogs.), bats, fish, but also foxes, deer, and many other animals.

Next stage: we are already dreaming of this and we are impatient to inform you of it. However, what always remains upmost in our minds relates to: a unique experience, authenticity, change of scenery, nature, cocoon.

We are looking forward to meeting you.